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May 1st, 2022 –  We live in a country that offers many benefits and conveniences that others do not.    Some of our churches are as large as college campuses with thousands of attendees in hundreds of small groups and ministries that provide many opportunities to learn and grow in our Christian walk.  However it is easy for us to become complacent and be distracted with the other things in our lives.  We attend church, check the box, and move on to the next.   We allow these church programs to spoon feed Christ’s word in an environment of our choosing without actually spending time in prayer and scripture.  The church does the heavy lifting while we simply receive the message, apply it as best as we can and move on.   The church in Sardis was similar in that it had grown in wealth and was one of the more lavish in Asia Minor.   But it lost its way until only a handful of church members still adhered to the teachings of Christ.   There’s a wonderful scene in the movie Bull Durham where the baseball manager berates the team for their lallygagging style of play.  He distilled it back down to the simplest of things.  “This is a simple game.  You throw the ball.  You hit the ball.  You catch the ball.”  Perhaps we should return to the simplest of things with Christ.   Love God and love your neighbor.   Read scripture and pray.    Draw closer to God through Christ.  Return to Him your attention and place Him at the top of the list.

Revelations 3:1-6

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