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January 2nd, 2022 – After facing the wilderness because of their faithless acts, the Israelites actually wanted to go back to Egypt where God had freed them from their bondage.   They wanted to give up an uncertain future but a future led by God.  They wanted to return to the suffering they did know versus the what they did not know.  How often in life have we set goals or been presented with an opportunity to leave behind a difficult situation only to decide to remain where we are because of our fear of the unexpected?   How often have we wanted to ‘go back to Egypt’ instead of being faithful to the plan God has for our lives.   If you want to think of the past, dwell on what God has done for you, not for the failures you have done to yourself.   If you are unhappy or in a difficult situation, know that God has your back and if you will be attentive to His working in your life, a door will open.  It may be scary at first, but have faith that if God opened the door, He’s got something amazing in store for you on the other side.

Isaiah 43:16-21, Philippians 3:13-14

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