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Caught in the Act

Sept. 4th, 2021 - 'Where are your accusers?'   When the woman caught in the act of adultery was brought before Jesus, he challenged the ones without sin to provide the punishment.   Slowly the accusers dispersed, the oldest to the youngest.   In our world, we experience this same thing daily.   When we are vehemently opposed to something, we characterize the other side of the argument in as poor a light as a possible.  We lump individuals into groups without truly knowing the individuals.   Often this occurs along political lines.  Republicans vs. Democrats, Liberals vs. Progressives, Vaccinators vs. Anti-Vaccinators.    The only one winning as a result of our divisive rhetoric is the evil one whose sole purpose is to divide us and watch us destroy ourselves.  When thinking of the 'other side of the argument' we can disagree.   But we most know that God loves them, just as He loves us. John 8:1-11  
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