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December 18th, 2022 –  In today’s Sermon, Pastor Jonathan points out the statistical improbability of a single man fulfilling just a handful of prophecies. In the book Science Speaks, written by Peter Stoner and Robert Newman, they put the improbability of one man, whether accidentally or deliberately, fulfilling just eight of the prophecies Jesus fulfilled is 1 in 1017 power.   But if you study they prophecies, many would have been completely out of Jesus’ power.   And one can clearly argue that Jesu fulfilled many more than eight.  How about over 300.   Where does that leave us believers.   Needing the same thing that Mary demonstrated.   Faith that God was at work then and is still at work in our lives today.  We don’t need statistical or historical data to prove His existence.   He exists because we have faith in Him and belief in who He was and what He came here to do.

Matthew 1:18-25

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