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April 26th, 2020 – In today’s sermon, Pastor Jonathan discusses one of the first appearances that Christ made to the disciples not long after His resurrection.   Jesus recreates the miracle of the haul of fish in the Sea of Galilee that first brought his disciples to him, especially Simon Peter and John.   Jesus appears as a man on the beach who the disciples first do not recognize as the Lord.   Yet they do exactly as he asked, placing their nets on the right side of the boat.  Then, after an amazing haul of fish that nearly swamps their boat, John recognizes the man as Jesus.  Is it any wonder that the miracles of Christ, like this one, appear outside the church.    As it was then, it is today.   The world outside the church is often a place where we become dependent on our own skills and forget Christ is always present.  Do we call on Christ when it is convenient, such as when our labor produces empty nets? Or do we allow Christ reveal himself to us because we are seeking Him.  And when he provides for our needs, do we return the love that was shown to us, to others?

John 21:1-12, Luke 5.

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