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He Will Baptize You

May 31, 2020 - Today, Pastor Jonathan discusses the difference of baptism that in our culture today has often been misinterpreted. The baptism that John conducted for his early followers was a symbol of what was to come. Just because these early disciples of John had been baptized, they believed that nothing more was necessary. However, John told them that a time aws coming when the they would be baptized in the Holy Spirit. And as Jesus completed his ministry on Earth and returned to the Father, he told those gathered that the Father would send the gift of the Holy Spirit. No doubt this was in the thoughts of those gathered at the Pentecost when the believers received that which Christ had promised as God poured out His spirit on them. Today, that same spirit awaits for those willing to receive it. The baptism that we as a church often conduct is a symbol of what is happening in us spiritually. We become empowered and purified.  Water cannot do this.  Only the Holy Spirit can. Acts 2: 1-4  
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