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April 10th, 2022 – Follow me.  Sounds easy.  Especially coming from the mouth of the Son of God.   Following Him isn’t easy, as the early disciples learned.   The young rich man learned of the sacrifice he would have to make and wasn’t willing to give up the life he had made for himself.  There’s a difference in accepting Christ in our hearts and making Him our Lord and Savior. But the next step is a whole new experience where we die to our old selves and renew ourselves clothed in Christ.  That involves giving up friendships and possibly family to walk with Christ in our life.  But if we commit ourselves to the understanding that this world is something that we are just passing through.  As with any visit to a foreign land, we still make friendships and demonstrate love to others, but our path is different and will often lead us to make challenging decisions.  But when God is at the center, and His will is being sought whether it be in our lives or in the lives of others, our purpose is realized and our resolve strengthened.

John 12:20:26

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