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My Two Witnesses

July 17th, 2022 - Reading the Bible, we learn that at one day the kingdom of the World will become the Kingdom of Christ.   All of those who have remained true to the faith, and have suffered for their faith, will become great, while those great in the World will become small.  Jesus will reign.  Make no mistake, He will conquer and He will rein on Earth.   The World we know will pass away and a New World will rise from the ashes of the Old.   It sounds like a disaster movie, doesn't it.  If you are not one of the believers who will reign with Christ, then it is a disaster movie.  All the things you have held onto from earthly wisdom to your own abilities, will pass away.   And you will look on with fear and awe.  At that moment, you may realize, far too late, it was all true.   Don't wait.  Give Christ a chance to live in your heart.  Accept Him as the Lord of your life.  Even now, if you let go of the things that provide temporary comfort, and reach out for Christ, it is a permanent peace that will never run out or decline in value. Revelation 11:1-5
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