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January 9th, 2022 – When God created Man from the dust of the Earth, he breathed life into man, creating a spirit pleasing to God.  Thus began the relationship with God.   This God breathed spirit has been passed down from the beginning to all of us.   But the relationship with God was broken when Sin entered and from that moment we have inherited a spirit that is of God but separated from Him because of Sin.   To make us whole again, God became flesh in the form of Jesus Christ.   Christ bore our inequities and the sin that fractured our relationship with God.  Through the Holy Spirit that Christ gifted us, our relationship is whole again.  A Spirit that is of power, love and discipline.  Unashamed and unafraid to live life of the Spirit, not of the Flesh.  To turn our backs on the things of the World and seek God in all things.   An amazing gift, don’t you think?

2 Timothy 1:4-7

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