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July 10th, 2022 – As we continue through the Book of Revelation, we see God’s intent to ensure that everyone not only has a chance of repentance, even in the darkest of days during the tribulation period, He also provides an interesting comment in the text that John was to take the scroll and eat it (referencing Ezekiel) and while it will taste sweet to the mouth, it will make his stomach bitter.  Sweet in that its message is one of hope in Christ Jesus and bitter in that for a bit longer we must preach this Gospel to those who are still, after all that has happened, hardened of heart and unrepentant.  We know that God’s ministry comes to an end and judgement begins in the seventh scroll, but are reminded in this ‘little scroll’ that God’s mercy is still at work and we should never doubt his love for us even to the end of days.

Revelation 10: 1-11

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