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November 8th, 2020 – In part two of this month’s series, we revisit the Israel nation during their years in the wilderness.   During this time the Israelites were facing difficult times because of their grumbling and dissatisfaction with their condition, even to the point of wishing to be back in Egypt as slaves.   And during this, God provided provision, but the minute one complaint was resolved by God another complaint came about something else.   This is a people that could never be satisfied.   Because their faith was not in God.   Their faith was in their own comfort and needs.   When you turn to yourself as a source for happiness, you can never be fulfilled.   Faith in God will give you what you want, not always what you need.   In any circumstance of life, knowing God is providing should give your heart peace and joy.  Why is it then that there are some of us today that never seem to find a way to be happy?

Psalm 95:1-11

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