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July 26, 2020 – This week as we continue Pastor Jonathan’s series ‘Weathering the Storm’ we examine passages of scripture that detail the power of a praying church.   As strife and unrest continue to besiege our nation, should we Christians not look into our own hearts to see what we can do to effect a change?   Of course.   As Pastor Jonathan presents evidence from scripture, a powerful church is a praying church.  The church is not going to raise an army equipped with weapons of war.  Hardly.  The Christ centered church has the greatest tool to soften hard hearts.   To love one another and to pray.  Just as Christ taught us.   Let the Holy Spirit guide our actions and let our prayers be fervent.     Watch and marvel at God’s work, and give thanks for being a part of the plan he has for our lives and the lives of others.  Be humble and recognize that we don’t always have control of everything in our life, but we do have this wonderful gift to commune with the one who does.

Act 12:6-17

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