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August 2nd, 2020 – In today’s final sermon of the series, Weathering the Storm, Pastor Jonathan discusses the importance of standing on the word of God in times of tumult. When Paul was on his 4th ministry trip, he stood on God’s word so confidently he was able to tell 276 people on the ship he was sailing on that they would not die.   Even in the midst of the terrible storm, Paul never wavered.  And no one did die, even though the ship itself was wrecked, not a soul was lost.  Even when sailors threatened to abandon the ship, the soldiers prevented them from doing so because of Paul’s steadfastly clung to his faith in such a convincing manner.   And after this, they were able to make it to their destination of Malta without losing a single life.  Can we have this kind of confidence when we are being tossed about in a storm?  Yes we can, through our focus and faith in the one who guides us.   Storms create opportunities for us to lose our faith and turn our eyes away from God and focus on the dangers around us.  By keeping our focus on Him, we can weather the storm.

Acts 27:21-26

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