This Week: July 31st, 2022

Have you ever known someone who in your eyes could do no wrong.  Someone you looked up to and admired.  Then something happens and you realize they aren't who you thought they were.   It can be devastating to your sense of purpose and destroy your ability to trust.   The frailty of the human heart is a difficult thing to comprehend.   When we are young we measure ourselves against our parents, a coach, a mentor, and chart our life's course, often, with those experiences guiding the way.   Then we learn the truth is that all people, no matter how good they try to be, sometimes fail.   And the greater the role in guiding others, such as a teacher or a pastor of a church, the greater the consequences when that failure occurs.  There has been only one perfect person to walk this planet.  God in the flesh.  His name is Christ Jesus and he did more for us than any person on this planet could do before or since.  His words are left for us to read and His footsteps are left for us to follow.  And the one thing we can be certain.  He will never let us down.  His love for us is constant and unchanging so much so that he gave His life.  What more could he give?  Let His example guide your life.  Surrender your worries, hostilities and fear to Him. Love him. Humble yourself and love those around you.   There's a great reward when this life has passed.

This Week's Worship Service

July 31st, 2022 - Continuing our study on Revelation, Pastor Jonathan explores the concept of a new kingdom that will rise with the Beast and this new worldly kingdom to conquer all the others.   And in that kingdom a new leader will rise and astound  those still on the planet when he is struck down with a fatal wound that miraculously heals.   It is in these days that those still living will worship this false prophet.   Daniel talks of these days and even Elijah's miracles will be repurposed to deceive those looking for hope in a hopeless world.   We know how this will end and who will come out on top.  Perhaps it is time to put your faith in Him, the one who is the real Christ and the one who provides real hope.

Revelation 13:1-18

This Week's Church Sign Sermon

Inspirational wisdom can come from the simplest of things.   So here we offer just a little Jesus as you drive by.   We'd love to have you in for a visit.

Church Sign Sermon
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Online Giving

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Rockvale Cumberland Presbyterian Church has been a landmark in Rockvale Tennessee since 1889 at a simpler time when church was an integral part of the community.   Church members were family that leaned on each other in times of struggle and celebrated together in times of joy.   This spirit lives on in our diverse congregation bound together by a love for Christ and for one another.   Our motto is simple, 'Whosoever will, is welcome - just as you are', in the manner as Christ said 'Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.'   We hope to see you this Sunday morning.

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