This Week: Oct. 24th,

Being in an unfamiliar place such as a new job or your first day of school, you probably recall the feeling of isolation and loneliness until you found a familiar face of a friend or someone went out of their way to accept you into this new environment.    That is what it  is like when you finally accept the invitation to join the body of believers who Christ counts and numbers amongst his flock.  That friendly face is the face of Christ.  A friend to lead and guide you through whatever dark period you may be experiencing in your life.   He provides peace and hope unlike nothing else in this world can provide.   If you're in a crowded room but have never felt so alone, seek Christ and let Him bring to you His friendship and love.  You will never be alone again.

This Week's Worship Service

October 24th, 2021 - Jesus made many references to the nature of his person and in today's scripture, he makes the boldest of His claims that He and God were the same.   This infuriated the religious leaders because not only was he making audacious claims but He was gathering followers which threatened the control these men had over the people.   He made it simple.  Those that came before or claim in His day to be the true shepherds, are thieves that climb over the wall to steal sheep, while He walked through the gate and His sheep know him and respond to His voice.  It is probably no coincidence that this exchange occurs during Hanukkah when the temple was rededicated after the Maccabean revolt following Antiochus' banishment of the practice of Judaism and the ordering of pigs as burnt offerings in the Temple to the god of Zeus.

John 10:22-30

This Week's Church Sign Sermon

Inspirational wisdom can come from the simplest of things.   So here we offer just a little Jesus as you drive by.   We'd love to have you in for a visit.

Church Sign Sermon
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Online Giving

Rockvale Cumberland Presbyterian Church is pleased to announce the opportunity for our church family and friends to tithe securely online.   You can use your credit card, debit card or bank account to securely tithe a love offering or give to our church's ministries such as to our youth program or our building maintenance fund.   You can also use the service's app on your Apple or Android device to give.   If  you chose to do so, you may also select the option to cover the fees the church is assessed for each transaction.  Click the button below to make your offering and thank you.


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Rockvale Cumberland Presbyterian Church has been a landmark in Rockvale Tennessee since 1889 at a simpler time when church was an integral part of the community.   Church members were family that leaned on each other in times of struggle and celebrated together in times of joy.   This spirit lives on in our diverse congregation bound together by a love for Christ and for one another.   Our motto is simple, 'Whosoever will, is welcome - just as you are', in the manner as Christ said 'Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.'   We hope to see you this Sunday morning.

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