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No Partiality with God

April 23rd, 2023 - Pastor Jonathan dives into Romans today with the first of Paul's four major points.   We, as Christians often finding ourselves comparing the life we live to the lives of others and to the point we're not too dislike the religious leader in Luke who went to the temple and thanked God that he was not a sinner like the tax collector who was also there.   The tax collector was there though begging in humility for God's forgiveness, knowing where he stood in his life at that moment.   We need to be careful that we don't forget, not one person is perfect.  Not one.  And our deeds do not save us.  It is the Christ, Jesus, who bleed and died for us so that we can come before God, our price for sin paid.   We will not go to judgement professing the quality of our lives.  We will go to judgement professing we know Christ and He knows us. Romans 2:1-4
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