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Oct. 4, 2020 – One of many things that took place after the death, burial and resurrection of Christ was that the fear of God was removed.  Not the kind of fear that the scriptures speak about which means respect, but the fear of being before God and having the confidence to come to Him to commune with Him.  The old covenant there was a very specific way in which the religious leaders could approach God and God was not accessible to the everyday person.  In fact, just to worship God there were dozens of ritual requirements.  To just acknowledge Him so much had to be done.   But now, through Christ, we have access to the creator of the universe.   We have the same opportunity to speak to God that Moses had.   We must learn to use that gift and daily commune with the one who makes all we see and still has the greatest desire to speak with us.  Turn to God daily and let Him speak His will for you.

Hebrews 10:19-25

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