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Dec. 15th, 2019 – Imagine you are one of the shepherds tending your flock at night on a dark hill outside of town when the sky is suddenly filled with light that you have to shield your eyes from its brilliance.  A voice booming tells you of a the birth of someone that you have been awaiting for and your father’s, fathers have been praying for.   A Savior.   The night sky suddenly is filled with a chorus of some of the most beautiful singing you have ever heard and you fall to your knees with the emotion.  But wait?  He’s in a manager, this wonderful savior is not on a bed of silk linens in a temple somewhere?  But wait?  You’re a lowly shepherd.  Shouldn’t you be telling this news to someone of more authority?  Like a King?  Thus begins a series of events that contradict everything the people of His time thought a savior should be, but actually confirm the scripture that shows who He was actually to be.  A sacrifice.  For all men.  For all time.   That cleanses our sins and provides us everlasting life.   That is the Good News that brings Great Joy.

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