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June 6th, 2021 – When surveyed about one of their greatest fears, many people will name ‘public speaking’ as one of the top three.   We often fail to achieve God’s full purpose in our lives because we abandon a calling due to fear of inadequacy or embarrassment. Instead we look for God’s calling in places of comfort and while we may further the Gospel in those efforts, we may loose an opportunity to do greater things or not be living a life of discipleship at all.   This is a following of the flesh not the spirit.  However, the Spirit of Truth, the gift that Christ left in our hearts, gives us strength to do the things that we may not otherwise attempt.   God will not be silent in your life if He has a purpose for you.   You can try to ignore it or you can embrace God and allow Him to use you in any manner you see fit with the confidence that God will provide you what you need and make you adequate for His purpose.

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