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Sept. 19th, 2021 – “And the truth will set you free.”  This oft used phrase has been the rallying cry for everything from political campaigns to commercials for candy bars.   But ultimately there is only one freeing truth and that is the truth of Christ Jesus.   Today’s world likes to inform us what real truth is and often, not surprisingly, it contradicts Biblical truths.   Are we following things purported to be the truth and being dismissive of the real truth in Christ Jesus?  In His day, he admonished the religious leaders because they were so blinded by their own law that they did not even see truth standing as flesh and blood in front of them.   Their law comforted them and provided them a source for peace but it contradicted the very scripture they claimed a scholarly like knowledge. What truth are we following?  Is it giving us a real peace?  Is it really freeing us from burdens?

There is only one truth.  It is Christ Jesus.

John 8:31-38

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