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July 12th, 2020 – In today’s scripture, we see Jesus talking to his closest followers at Passover, giving them his last instructions before he is arrested and crucified.   As Pastor Jonathan points out, Jesus is telling his disciples that they will face challenges when spreading the message of the Gospel.   And he tells them that the road will be difficult.  But he tells them there will come a time when they no longer have to ask Jesus for help and guidance, but they will be able to speak directly to God.   This is the gift that Jesus left all of us.   This is the miracle of the resurrection.  Even today, as followers of Christ we are recognized as such and have the gift of giving God our worries.   As we look around us today in fear and uncertainty that sometimes overwhelm us, we have this wonderful intercession that Christ made on our behalf.   We can go to the creator of all things and ask for help, comfort, peace and he will listen and will be there for you.   Because he loves us,  because we love Him by loving His son and our neighbors.

John 16:23-33

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