While teaching his disciples, on one occasion, Jesus told them the reason for His teaching was so they would have peace.  He then immediately warned His disciples about the tribulation they were going to experience as they walked with Him in this world.  It seems clear that although God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit could prevent all evil from ever occurring on this planet they have had no intention of intervening in this way until the culmination of the ages.  We would do good to remember the Godhead created this world in perfect harmony with complete freedom from any type of tribulation.  Humanity alone bears the responsibility of allowing the destructive forces of sin to corrupt God’s creation in all of its perfection.  God’s ultimate intervention was in sending His only begotten Son to break the power of sin and offer everyone the opportunity to be delivered and made completely new.
Jesus instructed his disciples to be courageous because He had overcome the world. (John 16:33)  His teaching seems to indicate that one can experience peace even while dealing with the daily trails of a world filled with tribulation.  Peace is what everyone is searching for even if they do not recognize it yet.  Learning how to walk in peace should be the goal of every Christian.  This is why we talk about the importance of having and maintaining a daily walk with Jesus.  The daily walk is where the renewal of our mind, soul and spirit occurs.  The daily walk is where courage rises up.  Peace keeps us in a place where we can calmly respond to situations , but courage allows us to act with Godly power so we can move forward to our next stage of growth.
King David understood that life was filled with dark valleys.  He had been through many dark times himself, and battled with the dark forces that hide in the shadows seeking death and destruction.  King David had to deal with the same evils we all face in this life, but He was not afraid of evil.  He knew that the One who was with Him was greater than any evil he would face.
The knowledge that God is close beside us is strengthened through our time spent walking with God.  Our daily walk with God lends itself to the hearing of His still small voice.  Walking with God leads us to divine encounters where we have opportunities to meet the needs of others and receive ministry ourselves.  The truths from scripture that bring peace beyond our understanding, and produce courage to stand in the midst of spiritual conflict are revealed and amplified as we walk with God each day.  We are never alone for God is always with us, inside us and around us on every side.  Cultivating a deeper walk with God is a daily process that will produce untold blessings and benefits extending way beyond all we can ask of think.
Pastor Jonathan