In the title of today’s post from Psalm 23:5, David created a beautiful picture of God’s goodness with these words.  Notice first, it is God who prepares the table.  Try to picture God setting a large table for a banquet feast.  This verse did not say God commands a table to be prepared, but rather God prepares the table before us. God reveals himself as the one who is personally concerned and involved with providing our every need.  This is such a humbling revelation to know that Almighty God prepares a table before each one of us.

I wonder what kind of delicacies and how many different kinds of foods would fill such a table.  If God is the one preparing the table then it would certainly be the most delicious and satisfyingly fulfilling feast one could ever hope to enjoy.  I am sure it would far exceed anything one could possible imagine.

This table represents God’s provision in all of its many different facets and administrations.  This table, no doubt, is full of God’s wisdom, truth, spiritual tools and gifts provided for His children as part of our inheritance.  A table is a place we go to receive nourishment.  It is the place where a family shares all the important events that happen throughout the day. The table is a place where problems can be hashed out and answers found.  Praise God for the table He prepares for daily communion with us.

God’s preparation of the table shows His foresight and constant watchful care over us no matter the challenge, the difficulty or the situation in which we find ourselves.  This table for David was prepared in the presence of David’s enemies.  When we find ourselves stuck in the valley of the shadow of death and our troubles are closing in upon us we may be tempted to dwell too long upon our enemies and risk losing sight of Jesus.  We may find ourselves praying for deliverance, but often God shows up in the midst of the conflict with a table that is already prepared for us.  Trouble may remain but learning how to live at peace in the midst of the conflict is what we really need.

Do not be swayed by the circumstances that surround on every side. Dealing with conflict on an empty stomach can lead to hasty decisions, but a good meal will bring sound judgment causing cooler heads to prevail.  Conflicts shall arise often as the roar of our enemies grows louder and louder, but God’s table is always spread before us.  May we quickly remember to turn our heart toward You, Oh God so we may feast at your table daily.  Let us be reminded that it matters not how the battle rages around us when there is a place where we can find peace and refreshing for our soul.


Pastor Jonathan